Drug and Alcohol Testing

Verified Drug and Alcohol Testing is available for individuals, parents, school districts, employers and volunteer organizations.  Testing methods include professional series breathalyzer, multi-panel dip urinalysis testing, comprehensive lab urinalysis testing and hair testing.

For Parents: We provide one free verified 10 panel urinalysis test for parents who suspect that their child may be involved with drugs and/or alcohol.  We provide ongoing testing for parents to support their child’s recovery efforts, established disciplinary measures, and to meet verification requirements of school districts, social / human service agencies and/or the criminal justice system.  There is a fee for ongoing testing.  Additional programming such as AIES (Adolescent Intervention Education and Support Program), UAODEP (Underage Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program) and Youth and Family Counseling are also made available.

For Employers and Others: There is a cost for verified testing using any of the methods listed above.  The cost is priced according to our actual costs and a nominal fee for processing.

Verification: All testing is completed under view and in the presence of a gender appropriate staff member.  Urine samples are collected in a previously sealed sterile specimen container that includes temperature verification.  Hair samples are collected in a previously sealed sterile specimen container using industry standard required protocol and sterile gloves and scissors.  Test results using a breathalyzer and/or dip test are known immediately.  Results from comprehensive lab urinalysis and hair testing are known in approximately three full working days.  Signed verification letters are provided to the individual tested and to the person or entity requiring the test.