Kyumsom Martial Arts of Pittsburgh

Providing life-skills instruction and mentoring through Martial Arts, helping individuals develop confidence, focus and harmony between the body, mind and soul.

Blue Cottage TaeKwonDo is a great source of reference material for our style of TaeKwonDo (which is International TaeKwonDo Federation (ITF)). Use this link ( for step-by-step instructions for your color-belt Chang Huhn patterns, read up on the history of our martial art, and get to know what each Chang Huhn pattern means (literally). We will exclude any references to “Holy” as that honorific applies to our God and Father ONLY.

You will NOT find our 1-step defenses on this site.


GYFF and Kyumson Martial Arts of Pittsburgh is thrilled to offer a martial arts class for tykes!

This is a great way to introduce your little bundles of energy to Martial Arts and to begin bringing the benefits of focus, concentration and confidence to children who are not quite ready to get into a full martial arts program.

The little ones will learn how to kick and punch just like their older brothers and sisters; will get introduced to many of the traditions within martial arts that help to mold and shape people into humble, God-fearing, God-loving people. Just like the regular martial arts belt program, aspects of Korean, Chinese and Japanese martial cultures will be introduced.Kyumson Tikes of Pittsburgh will step into their very own belt-program, with their very own belt and promotion system, and will share in the Kyumson martial Arts of Pittsburgh belt-promotion Tea Ceremony.  See Ms. Deb Halle and/or SaBaNim Stephens for more information, and we look forward to seeing you and those little fireballs there!


For more information, you can contact us via e-mail:


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